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This site is designed around a database of the cards and pictures of the Star Wars: Customizable Card Game distributed by Decipher, Inc.. This database was created from the cards of the game over the last seven years. I got into this card game just after Dagobah was released in mid 1997. Around 2000 I started using the Deckmaker program created by Jeff Heskett which unfortunately was without updates all too early in its life. When that went dead so to speak I began building this database myself getting all the card data together and entering the new expansions as they arrived. Since then I have used this database and the webpages I created around it as my own hobby and resource with my playing and collecting of the cards. As you can see from the whole PolarHaven web of pages and resources I have a joy in web coding and databases. Recently I decided to make this SWCCG Database available publicly as others may also find it useful.

Some Important Notes

  • MOBILE ACCESS: You can now easily browse the SWCCG Database on any mobile device. If you point your browser to http://swccg.polarhaven.net/m you will be able to check out cards wherever and whenever you like.
  • This site has been tested for compatibility with Internet Explorer 7 and Mozilla Firefox 2.0. I personally would recommend Firefox, it's just plain better. So
  • The Database Query is the feature attraction here. It truly does what it says. It gives you various options for querying whatever data and cards you wish to seek out of the entire SWCCG Database of cards. You can use this database to find all the cards in a given expansion, all the cards that mention dead Jawa in their game text, or all the bounty hunters available to make a cool capture deck.
  • The Rules pages are pretty self-explanatory. Under Rules Sheets I've provided downloads of the PDF rules sheets made available by Decipher to govern gameplay. The other pages I've put together myself to have as quick resources explaining some of the more common rules.
  • The Card Viewer is the other tool on this site which I'm particularly pleased with. This gives you a view of each individual card with all the updated game texts and errata which were given over the years. I've also added links within the gametext to the cards being referenced. So now when you are looking over an Objective card and see this list of starting cards to deploy with it, you can very quickly and easily click each individual card to get its data as well. This sort of cross-linking between cards in the SWCCG Universe is truly found nowhere else on the web at this time.
  • I invite you to contact the manager of this site if you have any questions. Please also let me know if you find any errors or problems on the site. As well as if you have any further suggestions in making this site a useful resource to you. Contact at swccg@polarhaven.net
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