Rules: "Bluff Rules"
When playing the Dark Side, once during each of your turns (during any phase) you may place one card from your hand face-down on your side of the Tatooine: Bluffs site. This card is called a "bluff card" and it is not considered to be in play. Each bluff card allows you to cumulatively add 1 to your Force drains at the Bluffs.

Your opponent can choose at any time to turn over one of your bluff cards.
  • If it is a character, it immediately deploys at the Bluffs for free (but must obey normal uniqueness and deployment restrictions, or is instead lost).
  • If it is not a character, it is lost and you lose an additional 2 Force.
Bluff rules function as follows when Expand The Empire or Revolution is played:
  • Expand The Empire allows you to place bluff cards at sites adjacent to the Tatooine: Bluffs site, creating enhanced Force drains and/or free deployment at those sites as well. If Expand the Empire is canceled, all bluff cards at the adjacent sites are lost.
  • Revolution does not allow the Light Side player to place bluff cards.
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