Rules: Creature Cards
Creatures deploy and move only within their 'habitat' (As defined on each creature's card). Neither presence nor Force icons are required for deployment. Creatures have a landspeed of 1, and may move during each of their owner's move phases (for free).

Creatures do not participate in battles (and thus weapons cannot normally target a creature during a battle); instead, they participate in attacks. Cards that specifically affect battles do not affect attacks, and vice versa.

Creatures attack only when they are present with another creature, a creature vehicle or a non-droid character (even if missing or captured). However, characters aboard any non-creature vehicles (even open vehicles) are protected from creature attacks.

Ferocity - Creatures have a ferocity number which they use both offensively and defensively. If a creature has a variable, such as "3 + destiny," draw such destiny each time the creature participates in an attack, or when its ferocity is required by a card (e.g., Yaggle Gakkle).

There are three kinds of attacks:
  • creatures attacking other creatures;
  • creatures attacking non-droid characters and creature vehicles; and
  • creatures being attacked.
Attacks do not create battle damage, attrition or forfeiting, and thus no Force is lost by either player.

Attacking other creatures - If at any time two creatures are present together, they immediately attack each other (unless they are the same kind of selective creature); this is an automatic action. Compare their ferocity numbers. The creature with the lower ferocity is 'eaten' (lost). If there is a tie, both creatures are lost.

If there are more than two creatures present, choose two randomly to attack each other. Continue the process of creatures attacking each other until there are fewer than two present (or until they are all the same kind of selective creature).

Attacking non-droid characters and creature vehicles - During every battle phase (of both players), each creature present with one or more non-droid characters and/or creature vehicles must initiate one attack. If there are targets for the creature to attack on both sides of the Force, the creature's owner decides which side will be attacked. If there is more than one potential target on that side, choose one randomly. Compare the creature's ferocity to the target's power (plus one destiny if the target has 4 or more ability). If ferocity > power, the target is defeated. Normally, this means the target is 'eaten' (lost), although certain cards specify other results of being defeated.

Creatures Being Attacked
During each of your battle phases, your characters, vehicles and starships present with one or more creatures may initiate one attack against one of those creatures (your choice). All of your cards that could participate in a battle at that location participate in the attack. (Your characters, vehicles and starships may initiate one battle per location and/or one attack per location.)

Use 1 Force to initiate an attack against a creature. You may fire applicable weapons at that creature. (Weapons that target characters can also target creatures, as indicated by the revised weapon game text presented in this Glossary.) Each creature has its own defense value, such as "SLITHER 5" or "VICIOUS HOWL 3." If the creature is 'hit,' it is lost and the attack is over.

If the creature is not 'hit' by a weapon, calculate your total power in the same manner as for a battle, including one destiny draw if you have 4 or more ability participating in the attack. If total power > ferocity + defense value, the creature is lost.

Attaching Creatures
Instead of making an attack as normal, some creatures (e.g., vine snakes and mynocks) attach themselves to a host. When attached, a creature does not attack anything or move on its own, but instead moves automatically with the host. Attaching creatures may be attacked by other creatures, vehicles and characters present (and may be targeted by appropriate weapons) even when they are attached. If a host is 'eaten' (by any creature), all attached creatures detach. If a host is lost by other means, attached creatures are lost with the host.

Selective Creatures     
Many of the smaller, less ferocious creatures in the Star Wars universe are selective in their eating habits and thus do not attack their own kind. Selective creatures attack characters, creature vehicles or other species of creatures (those with a card title different from their own). However, selective creatures with the same card title simply ignore each other for purposes of movement and attack.
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