Rules: "Dagobah Rules"
The sparse population and extreme remoteness of the planet Dagobah make deployment to this system and its swampy landscape unusually difficult. The thick atmosphere makes shuttling (and the use of transport cards) impossible. Thus, special deployment and movement restrictions apply to all Dagobah locations:
  • Characters, vehicles and starships may not deploy to Dagobah unless specifically allowed by their game text (e.g., Yoda and Son Of Skywalker) or another card (e.g., Encampment and Dagobah: Bog Clearing).
  • Devices and weapons may not deploy directly to Dagobah (but may deploy on characters,
    vehicles and starships already there, if applicable).
  • Utinni Effects may not deploy to (or target a card at) Dagobah unless specifically allowed by
    their game text.
  • Shuttling rules and transport cards (e.g., Nabrun Leids and Elis Helrot) may not be used to
    move to or from Dagobah.
Creatures and all kinds of Effects (except Utinni Effects) may deploy directly to Dagobah locations, but they must obey any relevant deployment restrictions. Interrupts play normally at Dagobah.

"So, how do I get my characters and vehicles to Dagobah?” Normally you will use a card that allows this (such as You Will Go To The Dagobah System) or you will deploy your characters and vehicles elsewhere, then move them to the Dagobah system aboard a starship that can land at a Dagobah site.
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