Rules: "Dejarik Rules"
‘Dejariks’ are small holographic gamepieces representing lifeforms from various planets in the galaxy. Dejariks and holograms may battle each other at a holosite (Dejarik Hologameboard or Imperial Holotable).

A holosite is placed by itself on table and is never adjacent to any other site. Holosites allow dejariks and holograms to deploy and battle there as if they were characters. Dejariks and holograms at a holosite are not considered to be characters, Interrupts and Effects, they are simply dejariks and holograms (e.g., Alter may not cancel Molator at the holosite). However, any card which specifically names a dejarik or hologram card may still affect that card (e.g., Grimtaash specifically cancels Molator).

Vehicles, characters, starships, Utinni Effects etc. cannot be deployed or moved to a holosite. Only dejarik and hologram cards can exist at a holosite.

When you deploy a dejarik or hologram card to a holosite, use its destiny number as its deploy, forfeit, power and ability numbers. While at the holosite, the card’s normal game text is inactive. Dejariks and holograms must obey uniqueness restrictions regardless of where they are on table.

Battles at holosites are similar to battles at other sites (including destiny draws and attrition if you have 4 or more ability present). If you control the holosite, you may Force drain there and you may also return any of your dejarik/hologram cards there to your hand at any time between other actions, except during battle.
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