Rules: Death Star II Sector Cards
Neither player may deploy, battle or initiate Force drains at a Death Star II Sector.

Starfighters may move to Death Star II Sectors, but Squadrons and Capital Starships may not (even those that move like Starfighters). Two types of regular moves (each requiring 1 Force) are allowed at Death Star II Sectors:
  • System to Sector - A Starfigher may move from Death Star II System to Death Star II:
    Coolant Shaft (or vice versa).
  • Sector to Sector - A Starfighter may move from a Sector to an adjacent Sector.
Dark Side Starfighters may move to a Death Star II Sector only if there is a Light Side Starfighter at one of those Sectors. Whenever there are no Light Side Starfighters at any Death Star II Sectors during the Dark Side's move phase, any Dark Side Starfighters at those Sectors must move back toward the Death Star II System (for free, one Sector per turn).
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