Rules: Jedi Test Cards
A card type that allows you to train your characters on Dagobah in the ways of the Force.

The Light Side can train non-droid characters in the use of the Force using Jedi Test cards. Completing Jedi Tests gives you new capabilities that can have far-reaching consequences, and can also raise your character's ability. Attempting Jedi Tests involves bringing an apprentice to a mentor on Dagobah and drawing training destiny.

Each Jedi Test card describes how to begin, attempt and complete the test. The following rules apply to Jedi Tests:
  • For every Dagobah site on table, you may add 1 to each training destiny draw.
  • Each time an apprentice completes a Jedi Test numbered higher than that character's ability,
    the ability number increases to match the Jedi Test number. For example, completing test #4
    raises the apprentice's ability to 4.
  • A mentor may train only one apprentice at a time.
  • An apprentice may change mentors between Jedi Tests, if necessary.
  • Once a character becomes an apprentice, that character's persona remains an apprentice until
    becoming a Jedi.
  • A character may not be an apprentice and a mentor at the same time.
If a character is replaced by a different version of the same persona, all benefits he or she
earned from Jedi training apply to the new version. This is also true if that character converts or
crosses over to the other side of the Force.
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