Rules: Podracer Cards
The mechanics for a Podrace are contained on the Epic Event card Boonta Eve Podrace. Although you can participate in a race without a Podracer card (you are using a generic Podracer), you'll find your chances of winning are greatly enhanced when using cards like Sebulba's Podracer or Anakin's Podracer.

Deploy - Podracer cards deploy during your Deploy Phase (for free unless specified otherwise) to your side of the race location indicated in their game text. You do not need presence or Force icons to deploy your Podracer.

Race Destiny and Race Total - The Epic Event indicates when you may draw race destiny. Race destiny draws that you decide to use are stacked on your Podracer (or on the Podrace Arena if you have no Podracer there) in the order they are drawn, and your race total is the sum of all race destiny draws stacked on a particular Podracer (as well as any modifiers). Either player may look through any race destiny stack at any time (being careful not to change the order of the cards there).

Damage and Repair - During a race, your Podracer may become 'damaged' by cards such as Hit Racer and Losing Track. To indicate this, rotate the Podracer 180 degrees such that it is upside down with respect to its owner (note that damaging an already damaged Podracer has no effect). While damaged, you may draw race destiny normally, but if you choose to use that race destiny (by placing it on your damaged Podracer) you must first lose 1 Force. If your damaged Podracer is 'repaired' (such as by a Pit Droid) return it to its normal orientation.

Using Multiple Podracers in a Race - You can deploy more than one type of Podracer for a single race (although at this time, Light Side has only Anakin's Podracer available.) As specified on the Epic Event, you are only normally entitled to draw one race destiny per Control Phase, so if you have more than one Podracer at the Arena, you must state which Podracer you are drawing for before you draw the destiny.
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